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  1. FunFactory Turbo USB Mini Bullet
    FunFactory Turbo USB Mini Bullet
    As low as $79.90
  2. Miss Bi by FunFactory
    Miss Bi by FunFactory
    As low as $158.90
  3. Miss Bi Black Line by FunFactory
    Miss Bi Black Line by FunFactory
    As low as $177.90
  4. Lady Bi by FunFactory
    Lady Bi by FunFactory
    As low as $185.90
  5. Womanizer Premium (Coral)
    Womanizer Premium (Coral)
  6. Womanizer Premium (Blueberry)
    Womanizer Premium (Blueberry)
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  7. Womanizer Premium (Red)
    Womanizer Premium (Red)
  8. Womanizer Premium (Black)
    Womanizer Premium (Black)
  9. Womanizer Premium (White)
    Womanizer Premium (White)

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Quick Sex Toy guide on Vibrators

Vibrators are 100% scientific. They work through quick vibrating movements, which stimulates the erogenous zones that respond to physical stimuli. Erogenous zones include the Clitoris, Vulva, Vagina, Anus and surprise - the tip of the Penis! Do vibrators work? 100%.

Size - Size of vibrators usually matter only if it involves penetration by sex toys. How long, how thick, depends on the individual. Small vibrators are great for travel or car sex. Full sized one's are best for amazing G-spot or Vaginal stimulation at home.

Shape - Popular sex toy shapes are the Rabbit, G-spot or Ribbed. Rabbits have an extra ear sticking out at the side to stimulate the clitoris. G-Spot sex toys normally have  bump or hooked nose to stimulate the G-spot inside. Ribbed vibrators are designed to thrust in and out.

Power - The size of the sex toy does not usually dictate how powerful it is. Some small vibrators are incredibly powerful. You might want to get a powerful vibrator, start on the gentle modes and move upwards in intensity. Just remember, if you would like to also stimulate the Penis with a vibrator, you need something really powerful as there are less nerve endings in guys bits. Some powerful vibrators can get her to an orgasm in under a minute - it's real!

Safety - We only sell branded, safe-to-use vibrators after weeding out the cheap dangerous toys. And don't worry, there are no side effects from using vibrators. She won't get addicted to a sex toy and dump him, it doesn't work that way. Sex toys are in fact designed to bring more pleasure to both partners. If she feels good, he will feel even better. And no you can't get desensitized - your clitoris and vagina resets each time, just like a penis resets and looks for more awesome sex the next day.