(Original Japan) Reusable Drying Stick for Onahole/Masturbators (Insert to dry toy)

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The "DNA Dry Stand", is a drying stick to insert into your fleshlight/onahole/tenga/dolls after washing to dry it quickly and conveniently . Take out to air and dry after use, for reuse. This keeps your toy dry and to prevent water damage.

The "DNA Dry Stand", which is very popular with Onaho users around the world, is finally available as a stick type in response to hot demands.

Onahoru that comes into direct contact with delicate parts, and even after washing, you are worried about mold and germs. On the other hand, turning the Onaho over seems to hurt, and putting it on a shelf or table while it's wet is kind of filthy ... Introducing

"DNA Dry Stick"! A diatomaceous earth stick that dries wet masturbator while keeping it clean. This diatomaceous earth, which has excellent water absorption, is a safe natural material that is also used for coasters and bath mats.

Since it is uncolored, there is no need to worry about color transfer to the hall. After letting it suck a lot, you can reuse it as many times as you like just by drying it in the shade.

The size you care about is a long 170mm that reaches the back. With a maximum thickness of 22 mm, we are confident in its durability and water absorption. Still, it's tapered and it's very easy to put in. After insertion, just lightly rub the hole from the outside and touch the entire surrounding meat wall to absorb moisture.

● Stick
size: H170 x thickness 15-22mm
Weight: 70g

● Package
size: H212 x W42 x D30mm (including hook)
Total weight: 75g
Material: Diatomaceous earth

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