(Original Japan) Japanese Black Stick-type G-spot/Anal Rotor (Small)

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This powerful stick-type bullet vibrator is featured in plenty of Japanese Adult Videos. Unlike standard bullet vibrators, stick type allows the used to insert the bullet easily to stimulate the G-spot. It is also a favourite vibrator for anal stimulation. It can be inserted without getting lost and the stick handle allows the user to push it in and out easily.
An enormous trembling tremor rotor with amazing high power of 11,000 rpm that echoes deep inside the body! The slender rotor accurately and irrespectively stimulates the target sexual feeling point! Overwhelming power of the motor rotation speed of 11,000 rpm × various vibration patterns make it feel good for you! It is a stick type that is easy to hold and does not miss the target!

The world-renowned Japanese technology and experience are put together here, featuring a dial type speed control and 10 vibration patterns.

The surface of the rotor is covered with high grade medical grade silicone. It is kind to the skin, and you can enjoy a comfortable vibration even when directly applied to sensitive areas. It is a waterproof design that can be washed quickly with water.

Furthermore, the motor is silent. A satisfying rotor that is the pride of Japan.
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