(Made in Japan) Japanese Mini Corded Rotor Pink

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An original Japanese Made pink rotor. This tiny bullet is small, but is extremely powerful for its size. It requires 4AAA batteries to run, so you can imagine how much vibrations this tiny toy can kick out!

Made in Japan

Super powerful 6V mini mini rotor!
With overwhelming power from 4 AAA batteries, we deliver a vibration that resonates to the core. Ultra-miniature rotor for super pinpoint stimulation.

Illuminate beautifully with LED spotlights!
Designed for precise pinpoint illumination when gripping or dialing. By adopting a pink light guide lens, you can project the object neatly.

Stepless control!
You can freely change the power from weak to strong even with one hand with a light dial type.

Ergonomic grip for easy grip
The rotor body and dial part are also ergonomically shaped, easy to hold and do not slip, and there is no strain on the wrist. The rotor part is waterproof so you can wash it with water.

Just throw it in! Easy battery insertion design that can replace the battery in 10 seconds! 
A battery box that allows you to insert and remove batteries directly and is easy to replace.

Compact and hard-to-break curl cord! 
The compact curl cord that is difficult to get entangled is a great curl cord that can be extended to 1 m.

Safe with wire break prevention!
Silicone caps on both ends of the cord prevent bending and breaking.

●Controller size: H100×W36×D35mm
●Rotor size:H30×W13.5×D13.5mm
●Code size: Natural length 240mm ~ maximum extension 1,100mm
●Body weight: 55g
●Box size: H170×W90×D40mm (hook including parts)
● accessories: AAA manganese batteries × present 4 (for operation test)
● total weight: 135 g

Made in Japan
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