Godemiche Handmade Night Ambit Glow-In-The Dark Green (6.5x1.5inch)

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This one Glows in the dark! Ambit slightly longer than average and has medium thickness. Each piece is hand made with love from the safest Silicone only. From Godemiche, a bespoke brand from UK offers a dazzling variety of colors. Each piece is hand-made in the UK and unique. 

Godemiche Handmade

  • Amazing color finish
  • Silicone material
  • Hypoallergenic and body safe
  • Phthalate & latex free
  • Non-Pourous
  • Compatible with water based lube
  • Glossy texture and subtle detailing throughout shaft
  • Suction base to stick on smooth surfaces
  • Small Batch handmade in the UK
  • Compatible with Strap-ons

Max Length: 6.5 inches
Max Insertable Length:6 inches
Max Width: 1.5 inches

The Color
These sensuous sex toys are more than just a novelty, if you have never tried one, you are certainly missing out on an erotic life experience…

Imagine it is pitch black, you can’t see anything at all until this gloriously glowing pleasure tool is revealed. As the glowing toy comes closer you start to see places of your own body lit by the glowing light. It’s like a subtle, sexy and erotic window of glowing light and your very own live sex show, with you in the starring role.

You will see only glimpses of the toy as it passes around your body, sliding up and down, disappearing out of sight and plunging you back into darkness. No other sex toy can deliver such sweet sensuality, and you are in total control of where is next appears – or disappears! Use your hands to explore in the darkness and as the neon glow slowly appears, the thrill will send shivers of expectation in your delighted partner.

Power Up: to power up your glow in the dark dildo, simply leave in direct sunlight or under a lamp.  You will get a good glow leaving it on your bedside table. No batteries needed at all, just to be left near a source of light for at least 5 minutes. Ecologically friendly and deliciously sexy, don’t often go together, so you will also please the environment by using them!

Glow in the dark neon toys will quickly become your new favourite kind of sex toy

The Ambit Design
We have created the Ambit to try and counter some of the problems found with other G-spot and prostate toys, while also using our knowledge and injecting fun to the finished toy.

The base is circular and flared making the Ambit strap on harness compatible, you will need a 1.5 inch or 40mm o-ring. The Ambit has an extra curve to the shaft, designed to still stand horizontally when in a strap on harness, no floppy dildo and easy to use and enjoy.

The shaft of the Ambit is 1.2 to 1.5 inches or 3cm to 4cm in diameter with the base being the widest. The shaft is smooth with no texture. From base to tip the Ambit is 5.6 inches or 14.2cm long

The head is bulbous, with a tapered almost arrow-shaped at the very tip for easy insertion. The head is 1.5 inches wide, It’s around the size of your G-spot or prostate, quickly relatively large, but sill very manageable.

The head is wide and angled to best stimulate the G-spot/Prostate during use. The wide head is not flat, it is in fact curved, it was curved slightly to be like the soft underside of the tip of your finger, but wider to give more pressure and sensation.

We wanted the Ambit to be a quick friend as well as a long and sensual toy for you enjoy.

Made in the UK completely by hand and using only the very best materials, FDA (food & drug administration) approved, platinum-cured silicone and FDA approved color pigments. PLEASE NOTE this item contains glitter. Silicone is non-porous meaning your toy will not harbor bacteria if cleaned correctly and does not contain carcinogens or toxins. We care about what you put in your body.

Cleaning your silicone sex toy is very simple, you can use a toy cleaner, boiling water, boiling water, even throw it in the dishwasher (without the detergent) dishes are optional.

Handmade in the UK

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ColorGlow in the dark, Green
Toy SizeMedium