Automatic Thrusting Sex Machine (Portable Tripod & Quiet)

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This is the real deal - a portable full size sex machine with tripod legs. With an oversized silent motor, this device can thrust in slow motion, or incredible speeds non-stop for hours. All whisper quiet and when you are done, just remove the legs and store it in your drawer. The best part is that with the gripper and suction plate attachment, this machine is compatible with all your suction dildos or toys that you already have. One silicone dildo is provided too! 


A portable ultra compact sex machine with adjustable speed, angle and height. With an oversized silent motor, this device can thrust in slow motion, or incredible speeds non-stop for hours. At 30-180 thrusts per minute, the machine is silent at low and medium speeds and make a low hum at high speeds - a very low noise machine even at high speeds. The setup is really easy, and everything fits in a backpack to bring around for your staycations.

Inlcusive of special attachments so it can work with your existing dildos and toys.

  • Setup the unit in under a minute.
  • Virtually Silent motor, your kids won't know whats going on from the next room.
  • A turn dial lets you choose how slow, or how fast you can go.
  • Singapore power compatible, 220-240v. Comes with a local 3 pin local plug.
  • Legs are adjustable tripod style, to adjust angle of attack, 90 degrees point down, up to 180 degrees pointing up vertically.
  • If setup to vertical thrust, a 165cm person might need to stand on two shallow stools for a comfortable fit over the machine.
  • Plain discreet shipping box is just 50 x 50 x 18 cm
  • Complete setup weighs approx 10kg, compact enough to bring along to hotels or parties.
  • Comes with attachments:
    • 1 x Medium Standard Silicone dildo attachment (max 3.6cm wide, 15.2cm) might look slightly different from on in image
    • 1 x Vice Gripper attachment (for your vibrators or other dildos)
    • 1 x Suction Pad attachment (any suction dildo can be stuck to the flat panel)
    • 1 x Spring attachment
    • 1 x Short rod (30cm)

The entire setup is ready to go from the start. 1 x Key provided inside box with the thrusting rod to adjust the rod.


When adjusting and inserting the rod for the first time:

  1. Slide the provided short rod into the end FURTHER away from the motor side. Push to the end until it hits the end.
  2. Loosen the lock with the key. DO NOT loosen more than 4 rotations anticlockwise. Gently loosen 2 rotations, then allow the rod to slide in abit further in. Lock clockwise 2x.
  3. Test by pulling the rod if it is secure.

We have tested this machine to run an hour without stop, and it performs silently and efficiently.

The legs of the machine are weighted, so the machine stays stable even at high speeds.

WARNING: This machine is sold as a novelty, and to be used at your own risk. As the motors and gears spin freely, do not place long hair or string nearby to prevent entanglement. A 6-month mechanical warranty covers the motor.




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Warranty6 Months

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