Sex Toy Safety Tips


Safe Sex Toy


Section 1: Ensure Toy Safety

Safety is our top concern when it comes to products to be used so intimately with your loved ones. And now that we have travelled around the globe and spoken to manufacturers and brands, we are in fact even more concerned about the quality of products that we sell. Most toys, even some marketed by big brand names won't cut our strict quality standards.

1. Cancer causing - Cheaper toys, or those made by manufacturers cutting corners can be made from sub-standard or hazardous materials that might be cancer causing. Such sex toys are made of so-called "jelly rubber" which contains the cancer causing chemical Phthalate. They usually are found in cheaper sex toys. In studies, Phthalates can intefere with sperm production and possibly infant genital development. In the USA, some states have banned Phthalates in children's toys but unfortunately there are no such regulations for adult toys. While widely available at other stores, you will not find a "jelly rubber" product in our store today.

2. Poor manufacturing standards - Some sex toys have great design, but look closer especially around the edges and seals that have excess plastic. Excess plastic caused by poor injection moulding process during production are razor sharp and can cut and cause infections. Just imagine a toy with sharp edges being inserted into intimate areas. Quality standards are regularly checked by us, to make sure the brands are delivering what they promise at our store. 

3. Unsuitable materials - Some materials (even plastics) are porous, which means water can be absorbed into it. If water can be absorbed into it, this also means that bacteria can breed in the same material and should not be used for surfaces that is intrusive. Of course you could slap on a condom over the product and cross your fingers. We cannot imagine inserting a bacteria laden toy into the intimate areas of our loved ones and will never allow our customers to purchase such toys from us today.

4. Imitations - Pirated versions of branded sex toys can be purchased at a fraction of original costs. A big giveaway is if the product can be found at a big discount from Retail Prices that are set by manufacturers. Sometimes "Too good to be true prices" are really too good to be true. Now these imitation sex toys are usually copied by small factories that use the cheapest materials available. These could mean anything from cancer causing materials, to toys with electric motors that could explode during use. It's horrible but very real. We have came across a few suppliers that tried to offer us such toys and even passed us samples. The packaging and toys look very close to the original. In some cases, we could not tell them apart - until upon closer inspection. Subtle signs such as perfume smells* from the products that are not present on original toys. Mispellings on the packaging and manuals are also small giveaways. At our store, we only deal with original manufacturers and products. We do not even entertain "close copies" of products.

5. Reliability - Sex toys not only have to be made from good materials, but have to be reliable. Vibrating motors for example should be engineered from high quality gears and batteries. An unreliable product could not only breakdown, but a part might come loose and cause injury. Sometimes you might wonder why our store does not stock a particular popular product - often reliability issues are the main reason. Even if the product sells well, we will stop selling it as it is not reliable.

Section 2: Hygiene

How do you maintain your toys? Quite a number of folks invest in premium toys but fail to keep it in good condition. It always helps to pick from the higher end and invest in silicone, but even silicone needs to be cleaned. We breakdown first by materials:

1. Silicone, pyrex (glass), stainless steel - Can be boiled in water. Watch out for silicone toys with batteries or motors in them (vibrators) - don't boil these.

2. Glass, wood, and products with lithium batteries, motors, mechanical parts inside - Wash (if waterproof) or wipe with mild handsoap and a wet cloth.

3. Cyberskin/Synthetic skin/Fleshlight skin - Wash with soap and warm water. Do not use strong soap. Applying Cornstarch, or Fleshlight renewing powder on these "synthetic skins" help to maintain the realistic feeling.

4. Leather - Send it to the frickin dry cleaners, real leather stuff gets expensive.

5. Hard plastic, Jelly, Rubber - These will always absorb a little water etc as they are porous. You can wipe it with soap but it won't ever be 100%. Do not share these toys and if you must - use a condom over it to prevent bacteria contamination.


Section 3: Maintenance

1. Always remove batteries after use.

2. If rechargeable, cycle the batteries once a month. If you are not using it just leave the vibrator on in a pillow or on your bed with supervision until it dies. Then recharge it again to full.

3. Always ensure toy is dry before storage.

4. If you drop a toy, and it looks broken or scratched - please buy a new one. Do not let small sharp edges cut your insides just to save a couple of dollars.

5. Do not expose rechargeable/battery operated toys to fire or heat. Some toys have special warming features and get warm during use, thats fine as the motors get warm. 


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