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Sex Toy Reviews

The Sex Toy industry has pretty much a bad name for itself - too many toys that look like a great idea but actually suck real bad. Compound that with most user's who are new and have no idea how to use their toys properly, customers often find themselves poorer, and stuck with something that doesn't work for them. Having a store and listening to Singaporean ladies and guys talk about their experiences for over 12 years now, we kind of have an idea on what generally works, and what doesn't.

Plus our favourite bunch of girls always check in occasionally, even if they aren't making a purchase they do swing by for a chat and bring some of her girlfriends over. It's conversations that happen when they come that we get our best advise from customers - so we can let others know what really really works and what are the myths to be avoided.



Best Pocket Vibrator: Crave Bullet or We-Vibe Tango

The new Crave Bullet is simply a work of art. A timeless polished stainless steel bullet vibrator - tremendously strong like the Tango but with a classic cylinder  look. Being USB charged, it is super convenient. It also comes with a tiny silicone tip, that you can attach or remove if you prefer a softer touch at the tip.

Crave Bullet Vibrator


Tango is compact. Really small like the size of a lipstick - so small that she could just slip it inside her and leave it on all day. It's also widely known that Tango packs a crazy powerful punch. You could do a google search and you will find glowing reviews of Tango all over. The best part is it is USB charged. You can just plug the charger into your phone charging socket with the charging cable provided. If you have done your research you would also know that Tango suffered an issue with the charger a few years back, it caused alot of problems with Tango as it couldn't be charged well. We-Vibe has fixed this issue with the New Version, so make sure if you are buying it you get only the new ones - not the older versions that has been stuck in a warehouse for 3 years.

"The Tango is my go-to vibe now. For the last year plus I’ve used little else; they (plural because I own a bunch of them) continually rock my world. 99% of my sex toy collection is collecting dust, because these little vibes are the only thing I need. My listing the price as a con? NO NO. I take it back. I’d happily pay that price for these vibrations. They’re worth it.  Crappy storage bag? No travel lock? SHUT UP LILLY THIS IS THE BEST VIBRATOR EVER. FULL STOP. GO HOME.  I’ve yet to find another external vibrator that matches (much less exceeds) the rumbly goodness of the vibrations coming from this little powerhouse. It’s astonishing." - Dangerous Lily


Tango Vibrator Sex Toy by We-Vibe


Best External Egg Vibrators: JeJoue Mimi Soft or Lelo Siri 2

Mimi Soft is simply quite amazing. It's insanely powerful, velvet smooth to touch and extra squishy. It has a soft silicone surface that is extra gentle. USB charged and waterproof the Mimi Soft is a no-brainer. No matter what, this one makes a wonderful gift if you can't decide or don't know what your partner wants. As an extra touch, all JeJoue products come beautifully packaged. Mimi soft is much loved by many ladies all over - go ahead...we dare you to google "mimi soft" and see how many people love it. If you are looking for something small, powerful with a soft touch this is it.

Je Joue Mimi Soft


Siri 2 is simple to use and powerful. It has never failed a customer of ours. The updated version comes with a waterproof feature, so make sure you get the latest one. The older version is only splashproof and trust us - when it rains it pours.

"The LELO Siri 2 is absolutely divine, and much more powerful than I was expecting. It’s sleek, discreet, easy to use, waterproof, easy to charge, and comes in a chic box with a lube, warranty, and satin storage pouch. Surprisingly, the vibrations are incredibly rumbly and powerful for their small package, and the variety of speeds and patterns is truly exciting. They are very rumbly and high-quality, with a lot of variety, plus a nearly silent motor. This vibrator is really the complete package, and truly the mark of luxury! It’s gorgeous and perfect in every way, and I definitely expect that it will be among my favorites for this year." - Slutty girl problems Review

Lelo Siri 2




Best Thrusting/Swirling Vibrator: FunFactory Stronic Fusion, Royal Swan or Lelo Ina Wave

Rabbits can be cheeky - they now can thrust back and forth and swirl about at the tip inside you. It's pretty damned amazing.

FunFactory Stronic Fusion is perhaps the only damned rabbit in the world to buzz your clitoris and thrust in and out almost magically like the real thing. 50% science and 50% kink, this crazy rabbit has a huge magnetic rail inside that makes the entire shaft thrust back and forth. It feels very natural unlike those old-school thrusting vibrators that has just the head pop up and down and breakdown in 2 weeks. This one solved the mechanical wear on thrusting motors by introducing magnetic technology inside. Like a railgun, only that it makes love and not war. The ear has a tiny motor that buzzes away at your clit each time it comes into contact during thrusts. Watch out though, this one can be a little big on the width - and perfect if you want something thick and amazing. Just lie down and explode.



Royal Swan swirls at the tip, and has a strong vibrator for the clit. Her strength lies in it's wide swirling silicone tip - and soft to touch and squishy too. Makes you feel like a wave is lapping on your shore inside you over and over. It doesn't come with fancy pre-programmed modes but is highly recommended if you are looking for something swirling that isn't too big, soft and velvety smooth this is the one for you. 

Royal Swan Vibrator


Lelo Ina Wave is a classic - It's not revolutionary but it does incorporate good looks and a funky come-hither here motion. Like a finger gesturing you to come here - at your G-spot over and over. Vibrations are decent but hey Lelo, you can do better than sit on this design forever. Not to mention it is also one of the most expensive vibrators around. There are models half the price that do a pretty damned good job too. The shaft is stiff and hard which makes it a little better at G-spot stimulation but can be slightly uncomfortable for some.

Lelo Ina Wave




Best G-Spot Vibrator: Prism V by L'amourose

A new comer, this French brand suprised us with an amazing G-Spot product: the Prism V. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Only 1 year young, this new product is upturning the G-Spot vibrator scene and not only does it work real good - it looks like a piece of art. If your kids or in-laws ever stumble on this one they would probably compliment you for your taste - a fine sculpture indeed. Dangerous Lily, a professional sex toy reviewer has even declared the Prism V as her all time favorite G-Spot vibrator and her official vibrator mascot. This girl has hundreds of G-Spot vibrators to choose from....so we guess that adds weight to it.

"The shapely body and perfect head provide as much pressure as I could ever want on my g-spot combined with the same powerful rumbles as the Rosa Rouge. I had a three-way competition going between the Je Joue Uma and Lelo Mona 2 and the L’amourose Prism V and a clear winner was evident right away: The head on the L’amourose Prism V is fucking perfect. Perfect. L’amourose Prism V isn’t for size queens; it’s about 1.3″ wide (max), and I have no idea why it feels so very much more comfortable when inserted vs the Lelo Mona 2 – they’re the same max width. But I think it’s down to the shape. Did I mention I think it’s perfect?" - Dangerous Lily


 Prism V by L'amourose G Spot Vibrator




Best Small Sized Rabbit: JeJoue Fifi or FunFactory Amorino

Want a rabbit but don't like something too thick? We know it's really hard to find a tiny rabbit that works. Most are pretty crappy in terms of vibration power once you downsize them.

JeJoue Fifi is an excellent start with a shaft that doesn't go too thick, and two ticklish ears at the base. And just check it out - it looks really slick and makes an excellent present. USB charged, water proof and it packs quite a punch. Not to mention JeJoue's standard packaging is awesome. If you are looking for a tiny rabbit vibrator as a gift - this one checks all the boxes.

Je Joue Fifi


FunFactory Amorino, if there's a discription for this vibe - workhorse describes it best. A tiny one. At half the size of most rabbit vibrators she packs quite a punch with well-known FunFactory motors. USB charged, waterproof. Made in Germany - who can argue with that? It also comes with a nifty silicone band that can be detached when used for insertion. The band adds a ticklish vibrating feeling to be used externally when attached.

FunFactory Amorino



Best Medium Sized Rabbit: Miss Bi & Denia by L'Amourose

Oh man it really is a tough choice between these two rabbit vibrators. Miss Bi is a classic take on the rabbit vibrator that provides dual stimulation - with two nice and rumbly motors which can get awesomely insanely powerful. Miss Bi has a soft tip to massage the G-Spot and transfer the strong vibrators over without being too long and overshooting the G-Spot. It gets larger towards the base and it can get very very fulfulling when fully inserted. Overall it isn't too big and receives full marks from us.

Miss Bi Rabbit vibrator

The Denia is a fresher take on the "rabbit design". With no long handle, it instead has a nice sculpted base to place between your palms and rock it gently back and forth. The rock base also has an interesting advantage - we found that placing the Denia on the top of a bolster and sitting on it creates a sensational experience. But most importantly it has a very very very unique rumbly motors. Vibrations can be fast or slow, static or rumbly. This one gives a nice rumbly sensation that is so unique and makes it feel like theres a party in your private bits. Oh, and did we say that the Denia is beautiful especially when seated on its charging base as seen below?

Also - the Denia is getting good reviews too on its Flex & Shift technology - a spiffy spin on comfort. Basically the design fits a wider range of bodies better instead of feeling too rigid on the clitoris. The Denia won dual stimulator awards at quite a number of sex toy reviews for 2015.

"I said that “the clitoral arm on the Ina 2 provides the proper amount of pressure for me and hits me in the right spot.” in regards to the Lelo Ina 2 and it does have a lot of flex at the base of the clitoral arm. But the Denia has flex on both arms and this, for me, gives it a bit of an edge. Is this bit of an edge worth the vast difference in price? I think that if you prefer the traditional style of rabbit vibe where the handle sticks straight out from your vulva; if you need obvious buttons; and if you really really need to cut down on cost, get the Lelo Ina 2. If you need a little more power, a little more rumble, a bit more comfort? Go for the L’amourose Denia." - Dangerous Lily


"These toys were freaking made for what I just talked about. That wide, flared base? It lets me stimulate the perineal sponge, the urethra, the clitoris- ALL OF IT. Even the internal part worked for me, something about how rumbly it was and how I didn’t feel like I was being poked- it just worked." - Redheadbedhead

Denia Lamourose sex toy




Best All Round Vibrator: Rosa Rogue

There always is one vibrator that seem to do the trick for everything. The Rosa Rogue by L'amourose fits the bill perfectly. While sold as a G-Spot vibrator, the L'amourose is a little clumsy with it being slightly larger than normal G-Spotters. But the feedback we get from our customers for the Rosa is frankly overwhelming.

For one, the Rosa has a special warming featrure that heats the vibrator to a chummy body temperature. So you won't feel like you are sticking something cold and foreign into your princess areas. This warming feature wins over almost every female regular that wanted to "collect them all".  

Then comes the best part - the motor with its unique rumbly L'amourose feel penetrates and excites you unlike other brands. We had customers using it as an external vibrator (egg), G-spot vibrator and even an anal vibrator. Yes we had ladies claiming that with the Rosa inside their anus and their partners inside their vagina at the same time, the rumbly bits brought them both to orgasm without even their bodies moving.

Now that's just our words to believe. Take it from top sex reviews all around the internet: 

"If you make one major sex toy purchase this year, it’s gotta be the L’Amourose Rosa Rouge. No question. There’s a broad range of vibration intensity, and many patterns on the L’amourose Rosa Rouge. It’s great as a clitoral vibrator, it’s wonderful for anybody with grip and/or reach issues, it’s decent as a dual-stimulator (would work better for those with minimal labia and an easily accessible clitoris), it’s pretty awesome as a prostate vibrator (I have that on good authority), it’s a wonderful g-spot vibrator, it’s a great vulva stimulating vibrator – in short IT’S PRETTY DAMN AMAZING.

I’m in love. I think about this vibrator when it’s not around. I crave it. I’ve chosen it over my beloved Tango multiple times. It’s THAT good, people. If you need power, this is it. If you hate buzzy, itchy vibrations, this is your jam. If you have difficulties grasping and holding a tiny vibrator like the Tango, this is the answer to your prayers. If you need power in your vagina but not your arm, THIS IS IT." - Dangerous Lily


"...everything about the Rosa is just amazing. Everything from the chic luxurious packaging, to the incredibly strong and deep vibrations. Everything just ticks all the boxes. There are so many toys on the market that claim to be luxury, or claim to be powerful. This is one toy that I am happy to say fulfils both of its promises, and I strongly believe that anybody who uses this toy will not be disappointed." - Thebiggayreview


"But Rosa Rogue’s heating is definitely not a gimmick. Oh man, I love it. If I put it on my clit for the few minutes it takes to heat up to 104-107 degrees1, I get super aroused, and by the time it’s warmed up, my clit is ready to party, and its rumbly vibration is heavenly. It’s not quite as strong and rumbly as Tango, but it can still hang, even with die hard Tango fans." -pennysdirtythoughts



Rosa Rogue L'amourose vibrator