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About Alice Maple

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Alice Maple is run by a local Singapore husband and wife team. We believe that everyone should have nice things without breaking the bank. We believe in sharing things that make you happy. We believe in quality. Most of all, we believe in your safety and your trust.

We sell only Original & Safe products
Like any Singaporean couple, we are extremely concerned about the safety and quality of intimate products. So we scrutinize the products we bring in very carefully. They have to be made from body-safe materials such as silicone, with no strange chemicals or cancer causing by-products such as Pthalates. Only recognized brands with properly manufactured products get stocked by us.

We are a recognized Singapore Official Retailer for LELO, Nomi Tang, We-Vibe and many other renowned brands - so you can be assured your toys are original, backed by an official manufacturer's warranty and safe-to-use. Nothing can be more important than safety when having fun - especially when with your loved ones.

You can be confident that you have purchased the very finest and most satisfying products available.

We do our best to keep prices as low as possible for your satisfaction and enjoyment. We believe that everyone should have nice things without breaking the bank.    Alice Maple offers Same Day courier delivery for all orders including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Free for orders over $125.

Order by 6pm and get it the same day.

For more details on our shipping schedule, click here.

We respect your privacy and your payment details. You will NOT receive any unsolicited mail or emails from Alice Maple.

Payment by credit card is processed by PayPal, so we do not store any of your credit card details. Details of interbank transfers will be kept strictly confidential.

All member's personal details are held in strictest confidence.


All orders are packed in simple boxes, with no Alice Maple designs or logos on them.

The package will be marked as "accessories". The courier will pick up the package from a neutral forwarding address, and will not know who sent it, or what is within.

Warranty is Always Honored

Although we are confident of our fine range of products, sometimes hiccups happen and we are only too glad to help you out. Our warranty policy is an immediate 1-to-1 exchange.

The fastest way to get your product replaced is by visiting us. We provide an immediate exchange for all defective products. Please contact us to ensure your product is in stock before dropping by!

By Courier
If you are feeling a little shy, let us know by e-mail ([email protected]) and we can arrange a courier company to pick up your product ($9). Kindly place your product and charger (if applicable) in an box/envelope/bag that is not transparent. Original packaging is not required. We will send a brand new replacement as soon as we receive your defective product.

If you did not purchase from us, and have trouble claiming warranty
We will still try our best to secure a replacement for you. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will do our best to help you out. We move plenty of volume and are official retailers of big brands, so most of the time it will just be our pleasure to help you out.

For any questions, just drop us an e-mail ([email protected]) or SMS/WhatsApp us at 8444-5644 and we will do our best.

Shhh! Alice Maple is possibly Singapore's best kept secret - but even the best secrets eventually get under the spotlight! We were recently spotted in:

Click Network TV, Dec 2014 - Yummy! Flavored lubricant and fancy nipple glitter goes to the test with Clicknetwork.tv's Christmas special. This episode was shot on location at our store.


Womans Weekly Magazine, Oct 2014 - Hula beads was in the spotlight: "The vibrator has good rhythm simulations and I was able to relax after adjusting it to the right pressure. It helps to enhance the foreplay process and bring on a huge climax for me" - Nancy Tee 38


Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2013 - Five lucky lady reviewers ranging from readers to editors get their hands on our toys and give them a proper run through. Their verdict: Awesome!


SimplyHer Magazine, February 2013 - Catching up on some of the latest bedroom teases around, SimplyHer features some of our awesome products from We-Vibe, and the playful brand Picobong.


Blissful Brides, Jan-June 2013 - Well no wedding is complete without a trip to Alice Maple! Blissful brides features some awesome furniture from Liberator and playful games to break the ice on the wedding night.


Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 2012 - Another great feature from Cosmopolitian magazine featuring a variety of vibes and an awesome writeup - complete with a super handy flowchart on what to pick!


Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2011 - Comopolitan, one of the sexiest ladies magazines around finally has a local version! The launch issue which we were featured in was packed with all things naughty and nice, even with a cheeky tear out section.


Mother & Baby Magazine, June 2011 - We got a hot spot in one of Singapore's leading lady mags with some amazing tips on how to bounce back into bed happy!

The world famous We-Vibe 2, LELO ALIA and LELO INA were featured of course - as star play makers to spice things up in bed again!


SimplyHer Magazine, April 2011 - Dropped into SimplyHer's April issue, "Real Love Work" is a supplement addressing Singaporean couples. We appeared in of course the naughty section that was dishing out tips on how to keep the passion burning!

Naughty accessories such as Shhh Blindfolds, Silky Sensual Cuffs and Ticklers by Bijoux Indiscrets and Les Petit Bonbons were given their share of the spotlight!


SimplyHer Magazine, Feb 2011 - Possibly the most respectable modern ladies' magazine in Singapore at the moment, SimplyHer featured some of our products and dug into tough topics such as "will he get jealous of the toys?" and cleared up some myths such as "will you get addicted to self-pleasure?".

Toys such as the We-Vibe II and TOR by LELO were put under the microscope and pretty much wowed first-time users that took the plunge!

  Chic Magazine, Oct & Dec 2010 - Well the girls at Chic Magazine were really tickled and loved our stuff - and coming from a mag that finds the best deals for you, we are pretty pleased!
  I-S magazine, Dec 2010 - Our little feature was quite a big hit and we can imagine zillions of couples discovering a new naughty in bed since!

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