(Original Japan) Pink Denma 3 Vibrating AV Wand

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The infamous "Pink Denma 3" from Japan with cumulative sales that exceeded 1.5 million units! This wand vibrator from Japan has been featured in numerous Japanese Adult Videos and features a reliable motor, and spin dial to select the speed you prefer. Easy to use and cute!

Equipped with newly developed W action switch!
In order to achieve the best operability, we have integrated a dial type switch that allows you to freely control the vibration intensity and a button switch that can instantly change the vibration pattern. This makes it easy for anyone to perform delicate vibration control.

Advanced motor control
Equipped with a newly developed broadband motor control mechanism. It is possible to control steplessly from minute vibrations such as stroking with your fingertips to violent vibrations that pierce. You can enjoy the slow stimulation with full weight feeling in all vibration patterns, which could not be achieved with the conventional simple high-speed rotation pursuit type denma.

High versatility
The vibrating head continues to adopt 45 mm, which allows mounting of many commercially available attachments. You can enjoy it without wasting your existing assets.

Cute design
Cute form of course maintain a pink Denmark series of proof! Merely cute, you get a firm pleasure.

10-step vibration pattern Stepless
speed 10,000 rpm
Power supply: Use of 4 AA batteries *Batteries are not included
Body length: 220 mm, head diameter 45 mm, handle thickness: 41 ~ 44 mm
Package size: H225 × W68 × 68mm
[Pink Denma] is a registered trademark of SSI JAPAN. Registered trademark No. 5708048


■ Do not continuously use the motor for more than 20 minutes to reduce the load on the motor.
■ If you feel high heat in the motor or battery even within 20 minutes, stop using it immediately.
■For safety, remove the battery from the main unit and store it after use.
■ There is no waterproof function.
■When using, if the vibration does not start even though the LED is lit, increase the vibration power once and then restore it to stabilize the vibration.
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