(Original Japan) Nipple Dome Suction Stimulator (Black Edition) + Attachment Kit

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The Nipple Dome is a nipple stimulation kit engineered to rotate and tease the nipples. It is powered by a small lithium ion battery that enables it to have hands-free use. A great kit for her breasts while being made love to, or while using a vibrator. This Black Edition dome comes with 5 extra attachments.

It has been featured on TV and the internet, and since its appearance it has exploded in popularity [Nipple Dome]It has been featured on TV and the internet, and since its appearance it has exploded in popularity [Nipple Dome]

It is a classic nipple-developed product that has a wide range of fans for both women and men.
The "Nipple Dome R" has evolved its rotation mechanism and realized a slower and more powerful movement.

A high torque that does not stop by licking the nipple pressed to the base of the attachment deeply. In addition to the vacuum feeling that sticks to the bust top, unexperienced pleasure runs around the whole body. 

The height of the popular handle type suction dome is easily adjusted. A lightweight controller equipped with a lithium battery allows 10-step power adjustment x 10 different rotation patterns.The "turbo mode" that delivers the strongest and fastest rotation at any time has also been taken over.
Because it's a jack type, the cord doesn't get entangled, and charging and storage are very convenient.

A special 5 propeller nipple attachment kit has been included into this special package.

● Lily
A petal-shaped attachment that opens to the outside in the image of a lily flower.The nipple that has entered the inside of the flower is pleasantly stimulated...

● Triple Claw
An attachment with three claw-shaped features that face inward.The scratching stimulus can be adjusted freely at the speed of rotation!

● Propeller
An attachment in which five propellers stimulate the nipple one after another.The center is slightly wider and the tip of the nipple is stimulated with a small brush.

● Single Tongue
A small tongue licks while rotating! Therough surface + thoughtful exquisite curve stimulates the nipple without exception!

● Ball Cup
An attachment in which large and small balls are irregularly arranged in the cup.A silicone ball wraps around the nipple and spins to stimulate from every angle.

* The grounding part between the cup and the skin is made of silicone. Avoid silicone-based lubricant and use water-basedlubricant.

■ Accessories Main unit x 2 points, controller, magnetic USB cable for charging, attachment 1 type x 2 points, instruction manual
■ Main unitsize: H112 x W68 x D68mmController: H60 x W45 x D23mmWeight: 283g
■ Packagesize: H180×W245×D90mmGross weight: 449g
■MaterialRing on the skin contact surface: Silicon materialAttachment: Elastomer Food analysis tested [No. 18020229001-0101][2019/10/2 release]

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