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Stronic Drei is Made in Germany and the worlds first thrusting shaft vibrator. This new technology makes the sensation even closer to the real thing by introducing natural rhythmic thrusts and pulses. Drei is ribbed, creating additional sensations when thrusting.

FunFactory Vibrators Made in Germany


Stronic Drei is Made in Germany and the world's first "Thrusting" shaft vibrator. This new technology makes the sensation even closer to the real thing by introducing "natural" rhythmic thrusts and pulses.

  • Intense Stimulation from Pulsating Thrusts - Like the Real Thing!
  • Full-sized
  • Satisfying Ribbed Design
  • Ultra-silent
  • Soft-flexible silicon texture

Your Mind Will Explode In Pleasure!
A whole new kind of stimulation – instead of vibrating, the entire shaft thrusts forward and backwards, and pulsating with powerful waves which deliver a real treat especially at the lowest frequencies. The powerful, naturalistic pulses are strong, unique but familiar as well. The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm. With the stylish and shiny but discretely lit buttons it is easy to select from the ten different programs.

Extra Ribbing for Extra Fun!

The Stronic Drei, thanks to its prominent "ribbed" design and the pulsating stimulation, pleasures bit by bit upon insertion. Every single elevation boosts the intensity of the thrusting movements. With its slightly bent shape the, Stronic Drei stimulates the g-spot while the thicker toy end arouses the clitoris. The holding support makes it possible to safely use for anal fun, pleasuring the anus and perineum. As unique as the toy is, the secret to its success is simple: the slower the more intense. Its particular appeal lies in the lower frequencies levels. The powerful impulse of the unique motor leaves the run of the mill hyper-pumping vibrators in the dust and captivates with a uniquely stimulating erotic adventure.


Awesomely Powerful Motor

Stronic Drei is very quiet and sports FunFactory's most advanced pulsating motor with ten stimulation rhythms.



Stronic Drei is rechargeable and purrs for about half an hour on each run. A unique magnetic click-n-charge charge plug compatible with Singapore power sockets is provided. This saves you the trouble and cost of getting new batteries! Please read the user manual before using for charging details.

Stronic Drei is 100% waterproof, as the charger uses a unique magnetic charging method. You can leave it completely underwater and it will still work. The electronic control panels are firmly fastened below the silicone sheath and sealed. Please do not submerge while charging. Do not place the charging port into water.

Stronic Drei is made from 100% silicone and should be used with water-based lubricants only.

Approximate dimensions of vibrator:
Length: 23.9cm
Width: 4cm

Vibration Level: 10 Unique Thrusting Pulsations

Alice Maple honors a 12-month manufacturer's defect warranty from date of purchase for this product.


A short word on FunFactory:
FunFactory is Europe's largest producer of silicon toys and produces colourful and cheerful toys that expresses love of life, good fun and confidence. Products are Made in Germany and only uses body friendly silicone and elastomer. All toys are skin-friendly and fare very well in dermatological tests.



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Vibration StrengthThrusting
Toy SizeLarge
Warranty12 Months