(Original Japan) Pink Denma AQUA 2020 AV Insertable Wand (Pink)

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The legendary Pink Denma series wand is now completely waterproof and insertable.
The legendary Pink Denma series wand is now completely waterproof and insertable. "Pink denma super (super)" Inheriting the idea of " , you can use it underwater such as in a bath or pool, but you can also enjoy it on land, in the air, or anywhere. Through tireless research, we succeeded in reducing weight and size. While maintaining a variety of power and vibration patterns, we have achieved sophisticated design and reasonable price setting, and have been raised to be a talented and strong man. It is exactly the [strongest] denma in the history of dry cell batteries. ● Completely waterproof (IPX8)! The battery box has a unique watertight structure that is completely waterproof (IPX8)! It is 100% fully coated with a highly waterproof high-grade silicone material, so it feels smooth to the touch. Not only is it safe for people who get wet easily and people who have a lot of lotion, but it can also be used in the floor, and it can be washed completely! ● For you who want to live inside and outside! Even though it is a denma, it can be inserted! Theslender slim head stimulates the erogenous zone pinpointly, and insertion play is also possible! It is perfect for you who want to live outside or inside. If you set a 31mm standard attachment like "Pink Denma 1" , you can play even wider. ● Immediate start! No need to charge! It can be used immediately with a stock battery and leads people to a world without cords and charging. ● 120 kinds of pleasure vibrations! A small powerful motor is mounted on a small body, and the speed range from weak to strong is about 6,000 rpm. With a swing range that surpasses that "Pink Denma Super" , you can fully experience everything from soft to hard. Tickling soft vibrations can be immediately switched to Max tremor mode by simply tapping the button lightly! * To reduce the load on the motor, do not use it continuously for more than 20 minutes. Power supply: Alkaline AAA batteries x 4 (sold separately) Body length: 192 mm, head diameter: 34 mm, handle thickness: 38 mm Body weight: 150 g (excluding batteries) Package size: H215 x φ40 mm (including hook) Total Weight: 165g
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