LELO Boa Pleasure Ties

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Boa is LELO's loveliest pair of pure silk restraints - for playfully tying your partner to the bedposts, chairs...

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Boa is LELO's loveliest pure silk restraints - for playfully tying your partner to the bedposts, chairs...

Bound by pleasure
Turn your surroundings into the most sensual backdrop for pleasure. With pouches of pearls at one end balancing stylish metal rings at the other, LELO’s beautifully long silk restraints offer a new approach to sensual teasing. Looping the ties through the rings, a partner can be held by either ankles or wrists in the ways that excite them most. The pearls serve another purpose as well: when draped over a door that is then closed behind, they are large enough to stop the ties from being pulled through, ensuring the most passionate possibilities in bedroom play.

Crafted with:

  • Pure Silk
  • LELO jacquard
  • Nickel-free metal rings
  • Freshwater Pearls

Approximate dimensions:
Length: 105cm
Width: 5cm

*A short word on common sense: These accessories are sold as novelties only. Please exercise common sense and always make sure your partner is comfortable and consenting before play. Occasionally check on partner during play and never use with force.


A short word about LELO:

Swedish based company, LELO is known around the world for some of the world’s best pleasure objects. LELO prides itself on what it can provide beyond the inspiring and creative designs: it is equally driven by an obsession with quality and standard. Every component is tested and retested, every product is 100% quality assured, every piece of lettering or packaging is only to the highest standards.




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