Suck-O-Mat Male Milking Machine 2.0

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The mains-powered masturbator with the innovative SUCK-O-MAT 2.0® HANDS FREE MASTURBATION TECHNOLOGY with interval-controlled stimulation. This machine simulates blow jobs through a suction machine. The end tip is a soft pliable masturbating sleeve that applies the vacuum to the tip of the penis. 

Interval-controlled masturbator that is connected to an external motor by a long tube. The systematic further development of the successful masturbator Suck-O-Mat also stands out with its hands-free blowjob technology.

The system is mains-powered and also features a car adapter and a remote control with 3 meters of range. The more powerful motor has 8 different suction modes.

One additional gear can be individually adjusted to up to 200 rotations per minute. With a modern LED display that is inspired by a speedometer, which makes using the Suck-O-Mat 2.0 feel like "driving a new car".

Includes a dotted sleeve, a black silicone cover for the sleeve, 20 ml Just Glide Waterbased lubricant and a black filter.

AC power adapter 230V Euro plug, output 12V. 5V USB interface.

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