Black Label Ramp & Wedge Bondage Furniture by Liberator

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Black Label Ramp and Wedge are positioning lounge cushions for couples to make love upon. The Black Label series comes with an easy Built-in clip system allows for S&M / Bondage play. This item ships discretely in a plain sealed packaging. Shipping only to Singapore.

Black Label Esse® is a positioning cushion system for couples to make love upon, disguised as lounge cushions. A Built-in clip system allows for light S&M play with clasps on the sides to lock handcuffs. Included is a 4 piece cuff set (2x for hands / wrists and 2x for feet / ankles) and 1 Blindfold eye mask is included.

The microfibre cover is machine washable. The 100% polyester inside lining keeps out the polyurethane foam core. Size: approx. W 61 x L 86 x H 30.5 cm.


  • Clip system for "Tie-Me-Up" play
  • Blindfold, Soft clip wrist-cuffs & ankle-cuffs included
  • Sleek design that looks like a normal reading lounge
  • Infinite positions to make love in
  • Provide support for advanced positioning that were impossible before
  • Enhance performance by allowing deeper, controlled penetration with ease.


  • Black Label Wedge and Ramp- Experience the sturdy yet soft support of 100% furniture-grade polyurethane foam. No wood or metal is used in the construction. Expect solid durability and long-lasting comfort.

  • Official Liberator Blindfold & Cuffs - 4 cuffs hand-sewn from ultra-soft microfiber, with adjustable quick release velcro strap. Trial rated and tensile strength tested! 1 Liberator velcro blindfold.

  • A velvety-soft, machine washable microfiber cover - Your Black Label Ramp and Wedge comes with a machine washable cover and liner. Like a favorite pair of jeans, the durable cover and liner get softer with each washing. And you can choose from an assortment of covers to match your décor.

A Spanking Good Time!
Seductive submission begins here. Whether you and your partner are in for some R&R or some S&M, you’ll say "yes"to the Black Label version Ramp and Wedge. This naughty nympho love lounge is the ultimate in orgasm.

It's all about Math!
For males that are underfunded when it comes to size, Liberator creates perfect angles to provide greater pleasure for both partners. To her, he'll feel bigger. To him, she'll feel tighter. It's the best of both worlds, offering deeper penetration and increased stimulation. When it comes to Liberator, angles make the pleasure possible, not size.

Designed and Made in USA - Liberator Champagne Foam
Liberator furniture and shapes are made with high caliber, high-density, polyurethane foam core (what we call the Champagne Foam), which was designed, engineered and tested to meet Liberator standards. The result is a perfect balance of firm support (two moving bodies need plenty of that) and plush cushioning.

Products such as the Esse®, Wedge®, Ramp®, Scoop® are made from a huge single piece of premium high-density polyurethane foam which provides the right density and support for love making, and placing Liberator products a notch above standard cushions and seats.

A short word about Liberator:
Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a love-style brand; the kind of luxury found when sexual health and wellness meets ingenious design. Liberator has been at the forefront of bringing love-style furniture into the mainstream lifestyle, marking our trailblazing arrival in an industry that had never seen anything like us. Liberator transforms the power of sex into something much deeper—helping couples experience love, liberated.


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