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Smartball Duo by FunFactory

Smartball Duo by Fun Factory is a 100% medical grade silicon double Kegel Exercise Ball kit.

FunFactory Vibrators Made in Germany


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Smartball Duo by Fun Factory is a 100% medical grade silicon double Kegel Exercise Ball kit.

  • Designed for Pelvic Floor exercise to tighten the vagina
  • Inner beads roll about to create vibrating sensations as you move about
  • For advanced users (3.2cm and 3.6cm wide)
  • Fully made from body-safe silicon
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Waterproof

The Kegel Ball for Advanced Users
Especially suited for experienced users. Inserted like a tampon, the Smartball Duo adapts to the body and can barely be felt when worn. The constant and nearly soundless rotation of the inner balls works with everyday movements to set off muscles contractions thereby strengthening the pelvic floor. Short, regular training phases lead to the most effective improvements. As with any muscle group, the fitness gained goes away if training is discontinued – so even after a successful stabilization of the pelvic floor, Smartballs should be continuously used for maximum results.

These Smartballs make it possible to train your pelvic floor muscles in a fun way. Everyday activities suffice for the Smartball Duo to teach the inner musculature to react to movement, thereby strengthening the pelvic floor. . Muscles that are in shape lead to more sensation during sex and climaxes after the training! The extremely smooth running of the Smartball Duo as well as the steady and fast rotation of the inner balls are made possible by an innovative technology. An ergonomically formed finger hollow eases insertion. A woman can go about her everyday activities without any bother and still be training diligently. The Smartballs are inserted lengthwise into the vagina with a drop of water based lubricant, the retrieval band remains outside the body. Some may think it's too bad that using Smartballs doesn't create an orgasm. But sexual experiences after the training are even more sensuous and passionate. A woman feels sensation more intensely during sex. And for the man it's a good feeling to be held more snugly. So best starting your training today!

Approximate dimensions:
Total Length: 10cm
String Length: 7.3cm
Width: 3.2cm and 3.6cm
Weight: 72g


A short word on FunFactory:
FunFactory is Europe's largest producer of silicon toys and produces colourful and cheerful toys that expresses love of life, good fun and confidence. Products are Made in Germany and only uses body friendly silicone and elastomer. All toys are skin-friendly and fare very well in dermatological tests.



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Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand FunFactory
Material Silicone
Vibration Strength No
Toy Size Medium
Warranty None