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Sex Toy News & Reviews

  • We are a Fun Factory Vibrator Premium Retailer!

    Fun Factory - is what we would like to call the number one vibrator brand in the world. But do not get us wrong - we aren't bending over to the brand (yet) to get better margins. We just love that these guys go the extra mile to get their sex toys safe, ergonomic and functional.

    Their G5 Range of vibrators like the Tiger, Big Boss, Moody, Lady Bi and the super popular Miss Bi packs a crazy punch. Even though the premium silicone that they use are on the softer, bendy and squishy side their German engineered vibrating motors still deliver an amazing vibration output. You see - the softer the silicone, the more it absorbs and dampens vibrations. Which is why half the vibrators in the market still like them hard. On stiffer harder silicone or plastic, vibrations transfer easy.

    Look at the seams of the product, the seals and their charging system. This is what we do when we select toys to stock in our store. We don't just pick items that have the greatest profit margins.

    But what does it mean to be a Premium Retailer?

    Apart from being able to wear that badge. It means that our stock comes directly from Germany. We don't take them from 3rd party stockist. Where sometimes "original" products gets diluted with "old stock" or "close copies". Or where some items sit in the warehouse for years and their lithium batteries deteriorate.

    It also means that you leave our store with assurance that if your Fun Factory vibrator runs into trouble, you can come back to us. We don't point you to some strange distributor from lahlahland.

    Working directly with Fun Factory means we get access to the the latest products, we in return give feedback on product design and we know which products are best for what purpose.

    Most importantly - we have every Fun Factory product now on display for you to fiddle with at our new tiny store. So you can be sure of what you are buying. Check them out at our store today!

    FunFactory Premium Singapore Reseller FunFactory Premium Singapore Reseller
  • BS Ateliar Dildos are awesome!

    Well these handmade silicone dildos from Madrid, Spain have arrived. I mean look at these awesome colors!

    Our personal favorite is:

    BS Atelier Handmade GSpot Lines Paris (5.8x1.49inch)

    Someone who visited our sex toy store today commented that it looked like a venomous snake - rawr!

    These dildos are handmade one by one by artists  in Spain, and each and every piece is a labour of love. Of course they all differ very slightly - but that's what makes them so awesome.

    The Alex series with little hearts on their sides are designed for pegging and have a solid stable base. For use with strap-ons, sometimes our customers prefer a flat base as it does not have a bounce that can be a little annoying on each thrust. But that's really personal preference.


  • LELO 24K arrives

    Just received shipment of the 24k. Seems like they finally caught up with We-Vibe and added an additional motor on the other end. Also, the flex on the device is now a little stiffer so that it doesn't swing about as wildly and lose contact with the wearer too easily.

    Of course with this ridiculously priced update, LELO claims to have upped the motor power too. Although we have heard that quite too many times. Somehow which each product version refresh the power is always increased. Having gone through so many iterations, its amazing how the latest Tiani does not create Tsunamis when activated. It's quite pricey though. Very pricey for a 24K gold plated toy.


  • Who is Alice?

    Yeah - this is another question that is being asked by everyone.

    Who is Alice Maple? Is Alice Here?

    Nope. Alice is really just a name we though was as harmless as possible when we were setting up the webstore.

    Fact is, Mandy & I run the sex toy shop. But now with Mandy busying at home with the two little bunnies, it's just Francis for the moment. Just Francis helping Singapore make enough babies to repopulate itself - or our country will be gone in 2 generations. Whoa shit. Suddenly my job sounds so much more important*.

    We do get abit of help from Amber once in awhile. We love Amber <3. She's amazing and know her products inside out.

    But heck it's fun when pervy uncles come round the store looking for Alice all the time yeah.

    *No bullshit here, we really did help alot of couples who were trying for kid get some. Grats to them :)

  • Two kids, One wife, One sex store

    It's our 2nd kid's first month (YEAH SG50 BABY WOOHOO!) celebration. And yes the grandparents are insisting on celebrating it with a buffet and inviting the usual suspects over again.

    We would love the idea - except that we are barely able to function as it is, changing nappies for two monsters through the night.

    I am amazed the human race has managed to have the heart to follow through and survive for this long. The trials of making sure the little bunnies don't grow up into vipers that bite your head off is NOT EASY. I mean "why the fuck did we have no.2" has crossed my mind. It would be dishonest to say it never happened. But then again leaving one kid alone through life is a little sad I must say. I grew up with one sibling and I cannot imagine life without my mentor and BFF, it would be so lonely.

    Every night we have to perform a series of closely timed executions to ensure the two bunnies do not annoy each other, or both will end up bawling their heads off. For example, the older one will wake up crying for milk hungry and if we don't get her milk ready in time, the little one will join in the chorus. It's like executing National Day Parade every night.

    The first night we did this on our own (after the confinement nanny went back) you should have seen the fireworks. I always thought that the confinement nanny always have the easiest part of the job. When the bunny is under on month and completely helpless that's the easiest.

    When the kid starts to run about - oh boy.

    Our eldest is busy running about endlessly now, and scheming up ways to stack chairs and cushions so she can get to the top of the table to get all kinds of illegal stuff.

    And so...the negotiation for a simple first month celebration begins...

  • Our Favorites: Hitachi Magic Want Rechargeable

    Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable (Best Crazy Powerful vibe)

    Yes, the immortalized Hitachi Magic Wand has a new version finally. And this time it comes in 110v-240v so we don't have to use an annoying downstep power transformer that is ALWAYS the cause for our Hitachi's to fail. The original Hitachi Magic Wands are terribly reliable, but when used with a power transformer, we saw return rates shoot up. The power transfers failed, and in turn frying the Hitachi.

    So this new version can be placed directly into Singapore power sockets without and downstepping. It also has a lithium battery inside that lets you operate for about 20-30mins at full speed. When the batteries are dead, just plug it in and continuing using it. It can be used and charged at the same time. The new version even comes with 4 different pulse modes.

    Also - we will no longer be retailing the 110v standard Hitachi Magic Wand any longer. It's a perfectly reliable and amazing toy, but the voltage which makes it not native to Singapore power complicates things too much. We have customers plugging them in directly into the socket and blowing stuff up. So as much as we would like to, we will no longer be retailing the 110v vanilla version.

  • Our Favorites: Miss Bi

    So 2015 has come to a close. It was pretty tough, with quite a number of new vibrators (sex toys) coming out this year. Here is a round up on our top vibrators for the year starting with:

    Miss Bi

    This one was a actually an afterthought. We almost forgot to order this one. It didn't look exciting, nor did it have any fancy new technology. Frankly Miss Bi looked more of the same old stuff.

    But when it finally arrived and we fired her up - WOW.

    The vibrating motors for Miss Bi was pretty incredible for something so compact. It featured two motors (something we also missed), obviously one alot more powerful than the other. The more powerful one left us gasping.

    Plus it had a nice shape so that it hits the G-Spot, without being too big at the tip. Miss Bi gets larger towards the base and we were a little worried at first, but that seemed to actually get some good feedback from some of our regular customers. It was quite pleasing for them to push and "challenge" themselves with something larger than they were used too when reaching that point.

    The tip is also nice and soft, we know soft doesn't translate well to a good G-Spotter but because of it's compact size, the shaft doesn't have too much give that it isn't stiff enough to bring the vibrations to the right place. The rabbit ear was also pretty comfortable, with a nice wide base.

  • First Look at VixenAire Mustang

    The VixenAire Mustang just landed a couple days ago and we're pretty excited with it. The VixenAire is from Vixen Creations, perhaps the best silicone dildo brand in the world, and a pioneer of the dual density silicone. Those familiar with Vixen Creation's already know the quality that comes with each dildo - handmade in the USA by sculpture artists.

    The VixenAire as demonstrated in the video above has little air pockets at the side of the dildo. Squeezing the base of the dildo will puff up these pockets. The feeling really does feel very natural like a penis getting all excited and clenching up to be nice and stiff inside you.

    The air pockets run from the base up until about a third upwards. It doesn't really go further than that, so this feeling extends around the mouth of the vagina and g-spot when inserted.

    The first Vixenaire is modeled after the best selling Mustang model, and is about 6 inches insertable and about 4cm wide at its thickest point (close to the base).

    The base isn't a typical suction cup, it actually features the "Royale" base that is meant to work best with a strap-on. So for those on the receiving end of a strap-on, this is going to feel really good.

    We also sat down with it on a chair, and hand pumped it from its base while lying down. We did feel the dildo inflating up, adding to a strange realistic feeling.

    Anyhow, you can hop on to our store page to grab it at www.alicemaple.com.

  • Fuck! LELO just upped their prices by 25%

    Golden balls of excretion! LELO just silently upped their prices for all their products by around 25%. What used to be Lelo Gigi 2 at $149 is now $200. Lelo Nea 2 is now $142, Lily 2 is now $199, Liv is now $199 and Lelo Ina Wave is now a whopping $289.

    Mandy and me were definitely caught with our pants down. Low on stock after Christmas and we are hit by this amazing piece of news. Restocking will be very costly.

    For more variety of sex toys, please visit our website.

  • How it Started Part 3 - Inception

    So yes. A twisted foundation had been laid.

    After Mandy and I were back in the hotel after a good authentic Hong Kong meal, we laid down our shopping and played with her wantons like the 20 year olds we were.

    As we were finishing up complete with slurping noises and about to blow my load, I had a horrible flashback. All I could think off was the weathered wrinkly old lady's face and a neon rabbit vibrator (with swirling beads and lights, no less than 12 functions) repeatedly stabbing my face.

    You know how some people get creative ideas at weird timings? Like before going to sleep and dozing off these brilliant ideas come like lighting? Yeah. Mine comes when I come. Epic Epiphany.

    Most guys go through this refractory period after ejaculation. They zone out and sometimes fall asleep to the non-amusement of their activity counterparts. Well I zone out too but then come these deep thoughts and ideas.

    It was thoroughly deep. I mean this old lady I have so much respect for. Well into her 80's and still as entrepreneuring as ever. Her big canvas bags obviously were lugged to Shenzhen across the border to load up on these "Ho High Ah" sex toys and back again to her little corner in Hong Kong with just her determination to sell not just one, but three of them at a go!

    And what the fuck was I doing with my life?


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