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LELO Hula Beads

Lelo Hula is a naughty remote control vibrator that not only vibrates, but rotates about simultaneously. It can also be controlled wirelessly via motion sensor.

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Hula Beads is LELO's newest and naughtiest remote control vibrator that not only vibrates, but roates about simultaneously. It can also be controlled wirelessly via motion sensor.

  • Vibrates and Rotates, by remote control
  • Enables "Hands-Free" use
  • Remote control detects motion, and adjusts speed or rhythm accordingly
  • Limitless ways to have fun with Hula Beads
  • Can be worn, and activated discreetly from a distance


Dance the Hula
Hula Beads are the world’s first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. Delivering completely new sensations, insert only the rotating bead gently within, and let powerful vibrations be felt around the ultra-sensitive labia and up to the clitoris. Or take things further by wearing them discreetly inside, so the top bead rotates against the G-spot, while the lower bead delivers powerful vibrations through 8 stimulation patterns, each adjustable via wireless remote. 

Hula beads includes a wireless remote that adjusts the vibrators speed according to motion detected. Simply by moving or shaking the remote-control, the vibrator that is inside the lady will change speeds or vibrating patterns. This allows couples to take control of how much pleasure they wish to share very easily.

Hula Bead's amazing remote control
Hula Bead's wireless remote-control is also a vibrator - it vibrates exactly as the main vibrating unit does, so you can feel what your partner is experiencing in the palm of your hand. Couples on top of enjoying the Hula Beads, can use the vibrating remote-control to pleasure other sensitive areas.

Here's another naughty suggestion - insert Hula Beads, put on some clothes and go out for dinner. Then give the remote control to him and enjoy!

Hula Beads is made from smooth body-safe FDA-approved silicone and features 2 SenseMotion™ and 6 Additional Vibration Modes.


Hula Beads is part of LELO's most elegant and latest pleasure collection to date - INSIGNIA. All pieces were conceptualized as extravagant and perfect intimate gift pieces from those who do not compromise on the smallest detail. Additionally, Hula Beads arrives in LELO’s award-winning packaging complete with charger, satin storage pouch, INSIGNIA brooch and a full 1-year warranty.

Hula Beads (vibrator) waterproof, fully-rechargeable and offers an hour of pleasure. Hula Beads (remote control) requires 2 AAA Batteries.

Approximate dimensions of vibrator:
Length: 9.8cm
Width: 3.7cm (widest point on shaft)

Alice Maple honors a 12-month original manufacturer's defect warranty from date of purchase for this product. As part of the LELO's original warranty, if you receive your LELO with damaged packaging you may exchange it immediately for a new one within 7 days.


A short word about LELO:

Swedish based company, LELO is known around the world for some of the world’s best pleasure objects. LELO prides itself on what it can provide beyond the inspiring and creative designs: it is equally driven by an obsession with quality and standard. Every component is tested and retested, every product is 100% quality assured, every piece of lettering or packaging is only to the highest standards.




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Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Lelo
Material Silicone
Vibration Strength Moderate
Toy Size Small
Warranty 12 Months